Who we are

We're a small law firm that aims to do a few things extremely well. 

We're also trying to use advances in technology  and connections with our partner community organisations to make our firm's services accessible to those who need them.

Jennifer Samuta

Jennifer Samuta

BA/LLB (Qld), MARN 1386572

I started Samuta McComber Lawyers with Joel after working as a solicitor in private practice, the community legal sector, and running my own Migration Agency. 

I have a strong interest in representing clients who are facing the cancellation of their visa under sections 501 of the Migration Act 1958. I also represent clients in their appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Federal Court of Australia.

Listen to Jennifer talk to Radio NZ about Australia'a visa cancellation laws here.

Joel McComber

joel mccomber

BA/LLB(Hons) (Qld), MARN 1793340

I started Samuta McComber Lawyers with Jennifer after working as a solicitor in private practice and the community legal sector.

I have a particular interest in administrative law and have experience conducting and appearing in matters before the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (both in its Migration and General Divisions), the Federal Circuit Court and the Federal Court of Australia. 

Watch Joel speak with Maori TV about visa cancellations under section 116 here.